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Rigid Foam Insulation

When it comes to building and construction materials, rigid foam insulation or rigid foam sheathing insulation is an excellent option if you are looking to cut back on energy use while also working to regulate the indoor temperatures. It is not all that uncommon for air leaks and holes that can cause your energy bills to rise significantly while your resources end up wasted. You can use this high-performance foam insulation as a way to seal up some of the air leaks and gaps that you may have in the walls. 

Is Rigid Foam Insulation Effective?

Polyisocyanurate foam, which is often referred to as Polyiso, is a type of foam insulation that is known for having the highest overall R-Value rating per inch out of all of the rigid foam options. It carries a rating of R-6.5 to R-6.8, and it comes with a foil facing on each side that is reflective. This also allows it to serve as a decent radiant barrier.

Does Rigid Foam Installation Need To Be Covered?

If you are looking to have rigid foam installation installed along the interior of a building, it will have to be covered whether it is extruded polystyrene or expanded. Such a wall covering should also have a minimum amount of fire rating so that it can protect the insulation from any sort of quick combustion if there is a fire. 

Can Rigid Foam Insulation Be Stacked?

You will often find that rigid foam can be stacked when used for exterior applications. Many people like to use this as a form of insulation that helps to improve efficiency. In most situations, you are not going to need to have an additional layer for a vapor barrier that is adjacent to the foam sheeting. You will usually see that such rigid foam sheets are going to be very resistant to moisture. 

There are many benefits that come from using sheets of foam insulation, including: 

Energy Efficiency – Because cooling and heating make up about half of the energy that is used in most homes in the United States, a product like rigid foam insulation that helps improve efficiency is critical. You can cut down on your energy bills and seal up air leaks by using insulation to limit heat transfer between the interior and exterior. 

Moisture Resistance – As moisture passes throughout the walls, it can cause an increase in mildew and mold within the building envelope. If you have insulation appropriately installed by the professionals, it can act as a very effective moisture barrier.

Fire Safety – There are flame retardants that are added to these products to help keep fires from starting as well as to limit the amount of fire damage should one break out. 

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Rigid Foam Insulation
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